5 Amazing Wedding-Dress Trends for 2019

Whether you have been dreaming of your day of wedding since you were a young child and have always had the exact specifications of the kind of dress that you want in mind, or you just started thinking about it recently, we will help you to choose the best wedding dress. We know that finding your dream wedding dress can be extremely stressful if you lack a reliable guide. After all, this is most likely the first time you are planning such a special event.

Women regard this with more respect than most men do. Brides know that they will never see another day like, but want to keep pleasant memories. So, it is better you understand the current wedding dress trends to be able to choose something that you will always love to recall. Here are the biggest wedding dress trends for 2019 that you need to know.

1.    Tiered Skirts

Early this year, as we searched everywhere for the most fashionable bridal trends, we landed on the tiered skirt as one of the fantastic wedding dress trends for this year. You will likely see them at the next wedding party near you. According to our assessment, this style was borrowed from the 1970 ones. However, it is about to take off in 2019 in a significant way due to the efforts of Mandy Moore.

If you watched her walk down the aisle last November, you know how it all went. This bride did it in a refreshingly layered, tailor-made gown. You could just see with the appreciation of how the highly structured skirt created adequate volume and drama. If you are one of those vintage-loving brides, this one is you!

2.    Geometric Lace Dresses

This beautifully crafted lace has been in fashion for several decades. For some reason, it will always be in style. But we have learned that in 2019, the focus will be on the geometric patterns. In other words, you will see more brides that before putting on wedding dresses with several repeated lines and shapes. We may recommend it for you if you want a fabric that guarantees to add an edge to your appearance.

3.    Robe Wedding Dresses

In the past, many thought that it is just for getting ready. Our recent research has shown that these dresses are the comfortable and fabulous robe-inspired silhouettes that feature some outstanding long sleeves as well as a wrap style. However, robe-wedding dresses may also refer to those dresses that brides put on with duster-style robes. If you see any of these two options, you will likely agree that all of them are both magnificent and comfy. 

4.    Dresses with Poncho Capes

 These amazing wedding dresses have also been popular for a long time. In 2019, they are increasing in demand but are taking a new form. They appear as the unlikely wardrobe staple. These capes remain the elegant dress that slips peacefully over the gown.

5.    Tropical Embroidery

 In 2018, floral embroidery featured as one of the most fashionable wedding dresses. This year, this delightfully whimsical dress still finds a place in the top list. However, this time around, it takes on a tropical feel. In the past, the floral was small, which is no longer the case. They seem to be getting larger.

Other than that, the green leaves and stems are becoming more conspicuous than before. Its flamboyancy as well as the fun that it generates makes it one of those gowns that will always have a wow factor. Most likely, it will only keep improving. In the near future, it will have a few additional features to make it relevant to the needs of the time.

The Bottom Line

On your own special day, choose a gown that you and your guests will love. The quality of your wedding dress will be the most important determiner of the success of your wedding for many.

Other than what you have seen out there on the market and desires to wear on that day, consider your body type. You should buy one that perfectly complements it. In this regard, before you choose any of these wedding dresses for 2019, be sure you know your shape. Once you have done that, begin looking for the right choice to make your special day one like no other without giving yourself unnecessary stress as others who regret later do.