7 most essential gardening tools to buy

Thinking of growing a garden? Well, we are here to tell you that there is nothing better than having to look, play and roll around at green grass every day and eating food in its most natural form. Whether you have acres of field or confined space in your home, gardening can happen anywhere. There are ways and techniques using which, not only you can grow plants but also get fruits and vegetables for yourself and your family.

Although not very popular in the recent past, in-home gardening has taken wings today, and everybody either has a garden or is interested in having a garden. To top it all, there are experts who have spent their lives in this field and they can help you grow vegetables, fruits and flowers in your own lawn or roof, no matter the location or size.

Benefits of having a garden in your own home

Growing a garden for yourself gives your life a divine purpose i.e. nurturing nature. People who seem to have lost interest in life, gardening is a way by which they can feel life in its true form again and get inspired every day. Having a garden has a lot of benefits such as;

  • You can get fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • Working in a garden is the best exercise for every single organ of your body
  • The colour green is a delight to the eyes and it can sharpen your eyesight
  • You can get rid of a lot of diseases by having healthy food
  • It gives your home a perfect look and gives you a chance to give something back to the environment

In addition to all of the above benefits, if you have a special occasion such as a birthday or a nice party, you can have it in your own green lawn.

Essential tools for gardening

If you have decided to start gardening in your home, there are some tools that you must have to get the most out of this.

 1. Hoe

One of the most important tools to have in order to make your garden graceful is Hoe. There are different types of Hoes and the type of garden you are going to have is going to decide which type of Hoe would be the best for you. Heavy-duty hoe, oscillating hoe, and fork are the different types of Hoe which have different benefits yet the same purpose; a beautiful garden.

 A Hoe has a long handle, wooden usually, and a blade or blades which depends on the type of the hoe. They are usually used to turn the soil for better nurturing and removing weeds and any unwanted plants.

2. Trowel

Trowels are most common hand tools and essential ones too. A hand trowel is usually made of stainless steel material and sometimes it has a wooden arm with a blade. The length of the arm and blade varies depending upon the purpose for which it is used. Long bladed trowels help to penetrate the soil and turn it upside down and remove the weed easily. They are the best tools for rocky soil and since they are made up of fine steel, they last longer.

3. Pruners

Pruners are also known as secateurs and they are the tools that can help you get control over the branches of the plants that are getting out of control. On the basis of their purpose, they are of different types but most commonly, scissor-like pruners are used. Pruners are not big in size so they can easily fit in your hands and they are easy to handle.

4. Loppers

Loppers are the long-armed tools that are used to cut the branches of trees that are not accessible usually. They are an extension of hand pruners and they are also called as long pruners.

5. Dibbers

During gardening, it is of everyday practice to plant seeds and grow new plants. Dibbers are just the tools for the purpose of planting the seeds. A dibber is a foot-long tool which is round in structure and is made up of either wood or steel and it also has markings to indicate the depth of the hole. 

6. Hose

A garden hose is the most essential tool of all because it is used for fulfilling the basic needs of the growing plants, water. A hose with an adjustable nozzle is the basic need for every garden and it helps to water all the plants in your garden, no matter how far.

7. Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is made up of steel and usually, it has a single wheel. It is used to move large amounts of soil and any other material from one place to another in the garden.

All of the above tools have their own unique purpose and it is very important to select the ones with the best quality. There are a lot of other tools that are used for gardening and you can easily find them on Northern Arizona Flora. It is a website that is created to act as the best gardening guide for gardeners.