Most Amazing Wedding Gowns for 2020

Every year, 2.4 million weddings take place in the United States. They bring in revenue of about $72 billion annually. Bridal gowns cost an average of $1,564, and the variety of gowns to choose from is unlimited. 

If you’re a bride looking forward to having your wedding in 2020, you’ve come to the right place. Spring 2020 is full of a myriad of incredible options for wedding gowns.

As new innovative designs hit the market and longtime players experiment with new techniques, here’s what you can expect to see.

  1. Costarellos

This wedding gown design draws its inspiration from the omnipresent Victorian influence. The Athens-based technique has a bit of the ’70s infused into the 19th century aesthetic patterns. The Chantilly lace on the gown gives it a body-skimming silhouette. 

  1. Ball Gowns

Do you want to be the center of attraction at your wedding? Make a dramatic entrance into the venue in a classic ball gown. One theme to inspire you is the Grace Kelly design that comes with heavy satin. 

Sometimes the same theme is available in ethereal with soft tulle. Regardless of the finer details, the voluminous style of ball gowns is sure to make you look stunning. 

  1. Capes

If veils are not into your sense of style, a bridal cap in full length or a shorter caplet is an excellent alternative. It creates a dramatic movement to the gown and also brings out a unique sense of fashion. 

Besides, capes give you the versatility to pull off a mid-wedding change of outfit. Put the cloak on during the formal part of the ceremony and whisk it away at the dance floor.

  1. One- Shoulder Necklines

One-shoulder silhouettes are unique in the way they flatter the upper body, giving you a serious goddess look. Its popularity is mostly because it can work pretty much for every wedding style. 

Consider incorporating Grecian with gauzy tulle, heavy satin, or a shoulder bow to glam a statement. Check out Azazie bridal store for a variety of one-shoulder designs. 

  1. Crepe Dresses

Crepe refers to silk, synthetic fiber or wool fabric with a distinctively crisp appearance. The material is universally flattering to different body types because it’s stretchy and structured. Different crepe gowns come with boho bell sleeves, avant-garde capes, or off-the-shoulder necklines.   

  1. Puffy Sleeves

History repeats itself, and this applies to fashion and wedding trends as well. The modern puffy sleeves are a far cry from those you saw in the ’80s. Their off-shoulder versions represent pure romance, especially if paired with a clean and simple silhouette. 

If you’re ready to rock this look but don’t want to commit fully, go for detachable puffy sleeves. This way, you can take them off during the reception session. 

  1. Carolina Herrera 

The Carolina Herrera design is one that will inspire many brides to rock in pants with trains in 2020. The take on the trend with lace sleeves and a matching detachable lace train is a unique inspiration. The design takes a modern menswear-inspired outlook with a feminine touch with a classic wedding fashion sense. 

  1. Slip Dresses

Do want to bring a sense of revival in your wedding? The slip wedding gowns are here for that purpose. The trend was made famous by icons like Carolyn Bessette and Kate Moss in the ’90s. It’s slowly but surely finding its way back to the industry but with more creativity. 

If you’re the kind of bride with a strong sense of sexy fashion, slip dresses are curve-skimming and will show off your assets. It works well with a wide array of bridal jackets, capes, and veils. 

  1. Feathers

Bridal gowns with feather details have been in the forefront for the past few seasons. They’ll still be relevant in 2020, especially the wispy plumes. Borrow some inspiration from the Scar De La Renta design. 

Final Thoughts

Planning for a wedding is one thing, but getting exactly what you want is a different thing. This is especially true in relation to finding the perfect wedding gown. However, brides looking forward to having their wedding in 2020 shouldn’t have a hard time. 

Slip dresses, feathers, crepe dresses, fluffy sleeves, and Costarellos are some designs to consider. Whichever your choice, be sure to rock on your big day. 

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